USB Cable


The IQOS Micro-USB cable allows you to charge your IQOS Pocket Charger from a wide range of devices. Simply plug the cable directly into your computer or use with the UK Power Adaptor to fully charge your IQOS Pocket Charger in just 90 minutes.

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USB Cable

Need to charge your IQOS Holder and your Pocket Charger at the same time? Just place your IQOS Holder inside the Pocket Charger, plug the lead into your nearest power source using the micro-USB and both will be powered up simultaneously. The handy LED lights on the Pocket Charger will let you know when they are fully charged, meaning you can get the most out of your IQOS Battery and you’re never at risk of damaging the battery through over-charging.

The white Micro-USB cable meets all the specs of a standard micro-usb and is made of fire-safe material so you can use it to safely charge any IQOS.

It is also available as part of the IQOS Starter Kit which we highly recommend for new IQOS users. If you are a new user, one of our IQOS Experts will contact you following your first purchase to talk you through the products. You can also contact an IQOS Expert if you have a more specific question about the USB Cable, or pop into a store near you to discuss further.


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