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RDAs (or rebuildable drip atomizers, or just drippers) are a type of rebuildable atomizer. Unlike a typical vape tank, which contains a larger well for the vape juice, an RDA only has a small well. This means that you have to physically drip the e liquid onto the wick. For more advanced vapers, RDAs are often the atomizer of choice because they are designed to produce maximum flavour and/or vapour.

The rebuildable bit comes from the fact that you need to build your own vape coils to use these atomizers, which means you’ve got the freedom to create a fully customised vaping experience. So, they’re definitely not for beginners. You need to have a good knowledge of battery safety, resistance and ohms, and coil wires before tackling a rebuildable. That being said, if you are new to building, an RDA is a good place to start!

On this page, you’ll find our range of authentic, high-quality vape RDAs. With adjustable airflow systems, and supporting both single coil and dual coil configurations, these drippers are some of the best around.

So, whether you’re a cloud chaser or a flavour chaser (or a bit of both), take a look at our vape RDAs today and create your own tailored vaping experience.