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Often known as atomizers or clearomizers, vape tanks are the part of your vaping device where the e-liquid is stored. There are many different kinds of tanks out there and the one you choose will depend on whether you’re more about ease of use, enjoying flavours to the full, or producing plenty of vapour.

We’re often asked about the difference between atomizers, cartomizers and clearomizers. An atomizer tends to be smaller and simpler than a cartomizer or clearomizer, and the e liquid is dripped directly onto the coil.  A cartomizer is larger than an atomiser and uses Poly-fill to hold the e liquid. Clearomizers are a newer type of device. They are usually cylindrical and have a clear glass or plastic tank which lets you see the level of e-liquid inside.

Here you’ll find our selection of vape tanks, which can be used with a range of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. It’s important to choose a tank that is compatible with your device, so you may need to do your homework first to make sure. We stock a range of tanks from top brands including Innokin, Aspire, Horizontech and Smok.

It’s also important that your vape tank allows you to have a satisfying and tasty vaping experience, so you’ll need to consider your personal requirements too. Want more vapour and intense flavour? You’ll probably want a sub-ohm tank for optimum cloud production. Wanting to quit smoking? A mouth-to-lung tank is probably best as it provides a similar experience to a cigarette, with a subtler throat hit.

Whatever your preference, we offer free UK delivery on orders over £20, so shop our range of vape tanks online today. Don’t forget, we also stock replacement coils too!