IQOS Cleaner


Ensure optimal taste from your IQOS with this handy cleaning tool. Simply twist to clean with the built-in brushes to keep your IQOS Holder in optimal condition.

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IQOS Cleaner

The IQOS Cleaner is used to maintain the condition and correct operation of the IQOS Holder. It’s a small yet useful device and can be carried around with your IQOS Holder in an IQOS Carry Case or separately. Containing specially designed brushes, one long and one short, the IQOS Cleaner removes tobacco residue from the Holder, without damaging the heating blade within the IQOS Holder itself.

Regular cleaning is essential for the correct operation of your device. The IQOS Pocket Charger completes an automated cleaning cycle when the IQOS Holder is inserted, and this product is an aid to this automated process. We also sell packs of IQOS Cleaning Sticks for those looking for a deeper clean.

Watch the IQOS video for a detailed view on using the IQOS Cleaner on a routine basis, however, if you’re looking for additional information then contact an IQOS Coach or visit in-store for a free introduction.


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