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  • 22nd June 2018




How to Choose Your Vape Flavour

Choosing one from countless vape flavours that are in stock at 123 Vape isn’t easy, especially for the beginners. The favourite e-juice flavour of one vaper might be appalling for another. So, knowing a few basic things can help you avoid wasting money on e-cig juice flavours that you won’t like.

What is Inside Your E-Juice?

An e-liquid has a few ingredients including a base that consists of either Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol, or both, nicotine, and flavouring. Made from vegetable oil, VG is a thick, sweet natural extract. So, it thickens the vapour plus its sweetness can impact the overall flavour of the e-liquid. PG, on the other hand, is an organic glycerol made from propylene oxide, a petroleum byproduct. It usually results in a higher throat hit. E-juices have a different blend of VG and PG, and many e-liquids give you the freedom to select a mix of your own choice.

Most e-juices come in different flavours and nicotine strengths. For new ex-smokers turned vapers, a higher strength, such as 18 mg can be an ideal place to start as it will give you your nicotine fix. A healthy approach most people adopt is to work their way down to lower levels and eventually to 0 mg. Remember that the amount of vapour produced by your e-cig or vaporizer also impacts how much nicotine you’re consuming. The rule of thumb is, the higher the amount of vapour your e-cig produces, the lower the level of nicotine you should choose.

The flavouring used in an e-juice is what can make or break it. Vape flavours range from plain tobacco to sweet and sugary fruit flavours. These different e-cig flavours are made to cater to different vapers, from those who have an intense craving for tobacco to those who have a sweet tooth. Moreover, you can mix different flavours by simply, in a few mouse clicks, creating your own unique vape juice flavours.

Types of Vape Flavours

There are virtually infinite e-cig flavours available on the market, which can be categorized into four main groups. To find the best e-juice that will satisfy your taste buds, start with one flavour and then add other flavours to it. For example, if you have been smoking menthol cigarettes, you’ll probably like the taste of menthol e-cig juice flavours. But you might like it even more if you add banana flavour to it.

Tobacco Flavoured E-Liquids

Since most vapers are ex-smokers, they love the flavour of tobacco. Tobacco flavoured e-juices try to offer them a fix for their craving without the tar, carcinogens, and other harmful chemicals found in the tobacco smoke. This is why almost every e-liquid manufacturer will have a tobacco flavour in their line of e-juices.

Single Flavoured E-Juices

Single flavoured e-juices are the most popular type and can taste like anything from coffee to fruit to cakes and so on. The best thing about these flavours is that you can choose the nicotine strength as well as VG/PG blend to customize the e-liquid according to your very likings.

High VG E-Juices

Considered ideal for sub-ohm vaping, high VG e-juices are a class apart when it comes to the intensity of flavour. However, making high VG e-juices is a very complicated matter and that’s why many companies miss the mark. Either you’ll get dry hits or a burnt taste when vaping at high wattage/voltage or very low resistance, because the e-juice isn’t created to withstand the immense heat, and ends up losing the flavour.

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